Personal: certME for Users


ANY individual who wants not to waste time going to the provider’s office and to really enjoy a digital experience by accessing exclusively online a varied array of services for which the identity verification and digital enrollment processes are compulsory!



You go through the identification and identity validation processes with a certME validator. You can obtain certME together with the qualified certificate from certSIGN, at the headquarters in Bucharest, Bd. Tudor Vladimirescu no. 29A, AFI Tech Park 1.


You choose certME, with no cost attached.


You receive a certME identity electronic wallet (mobile app).


You choose a service provider within the certME ecosystem. You can now use certME to obtain a qualified certificate for electronic signature, stored on token, from certSIGN from here or to obtain a Paperless qualified certificate to access the remote electronic signature service here.


certME guarantees that your identity is to be trusted.


You get the service online, without additional costs and travel times!


No cost

Getting and using the certME identity is free of charge.

Time saving

Just one way to the nearest certME partner, a sole identity verification = a digital identity that you can use for multiple service providers.

100% online services

Wherever you are (at home, in the office, on holiday), you can access certME partners’ services exclusively online.

Unlimited possibilities

You can use your trusted digital identity to purchase a varied array of services – banking, telephony, TV, internet, electricity, gas, insurance etc. No time (24/24 – 7/7 access to any service) or space (without going to the service provider’s office) constraints.

Security and control over the personal information

Your personal informationis not stored in certME. It is stored in your electronic wallet, available via mobile and controlled only by you. certME keeps in  blockchain only the encrypted proof of your identity validation. And only you decide if and what information to give to your providers.


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