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How can you, the Client, guarantee that you are who you pretend to be online? Especially since, in the digitalization era, you would really not want to waste time going to the banks or to the utility company offices (phone, electricity, gas etc) or to the office of the insurance companies! Free of charge, naturally.

How can you, the provider, be certain that the client you are talking to is who he pretends to be? What means do you have besides requesting his physical presence to properly identify him, sign contracts and consequently assume all the costs that ensue?

With certME – the first solution that guarantees digital identities in Romania – you have/provide 100% online access to services, anywhere, anytime. Quickly, securely and easily towards the legitimate identity!

Personal: certME for Users

I would like to know how I can create and use my verified digital identity, FREE OF ANY CHARGE, in order to get online servicess, without additional travel times!

Business: certME
for Service Providers

I would like to know how I can provide services to trusted digital identities, without physical interractions and reducing my costs!

How does it work?

The Bank A and the telephony provider B are enrolled within the certME ecosystem. Yesterday, Client X signed a contract with Bank A, being physically identified by the Bank. As of that moment, Client X’s verified digital identity has been created.

Today, X can freely use his digital identity to get a subscription from Provider B without needing to go to the Provider’s office. This is because A will confirm to B that X is who he pretends to be! With X’s approval, naturally!

Tomorrow, Client Y – who was enrolled into the systems by Provider B the past week – will sign the credit contract with Bank A. Because B will confirm to A that Y is who he pretends to be. Again, with Y’s approval, because he has complete control over his personal information!

Why should you choose certME?


Verified identities and contracted services only a few clicks away


Full access, anywhere and anytime, for any certME client and partner


Minimum efforts to verify the identity thanks to the guarantee of the companies within the ecosystem



Impossibility to abusively modify the personal information, as it is shared without being stored in blockchain

Unlimited possibilities

Access to an array of providers and services/ an extended database of online clients, without geographical limits


Control over the personal information associated to the digital identity