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Any company that wants its clients to access their services online and needs to know their identity. certME eliminates the need for clients to be physically present and to interact with the provider’s employees for the identification processes pertaining to the digital onboarding and KYC procedures.




Hospitals / Clinics

Schools / High Schools / Universities


Online Store

Online stores


Compliance with the legal requirements

By providing trusted digital identities in compliance with the eIDAS Regulation no. 910/2014, with a substantial guarantee level, applying the GDPR policies and the specific KYC procedures.

More clients

By jointly performing the identification process in order to enroll clients, each certME partner can enter new markets and can add new services to their portfolios.

Over 100,000 potential customers whose data has already been verified by certSIGN as a Qualified Trust Service Provider.

Geographic openness

Thanks to the online interaction, there are no geographical limitations regarding the providers’ offices and the range of potential clients that they can cover – you can enroll clients from anywhere in the world.

Cost reduction

You increase the return of your investments by reducing the costs incurred by the interaction with your clients (employees, printed document elaboration, processing, mailing and storing, time allotted to these processes etc.). There is no need for a new identification process for each new client.



You become partner within the certME ecosystem.

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A certME user who wants a service signs up with a simple QR code scan, using the certME mobile application, thus providing you with the data you need.


You send a request to verify the user's identity, through certME.


Based on your request and on the encrypted proofs of the identity validation that are managed in blockchain, certME will send a confirmation of the user’s identity, which are already verified with a level of trust guaranteed by certME.


The certME user becomes the customer of your online service.

Did you know that you can use certME for the authentication of the existing clients as well?

The digital identity validation mechanism can be implemented so that the clients access their accounts easily, quickly and securely with certME!

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