About certME

What is certME?

certME is the first service in Romania that enables the management, verification and guarantee of trusted digital identities, through an ecosystem that allows the service providers to merge their client identification processes so that the digital onboarding process to be performed only one time, while all interactions among the parties are performed exclusively online.

certME is the sole service that uses blockchain-based decentralized mechanisms to deliver eIDAS-compliant digital identities.

How does it work?

There are three roles within the certME ecosystem


The owner of the personal information

Service provider

the consumer of the personal information - i.e a bank, a telecom company


the entity that confirms the personal information /the client’s identity



The User wants to get a digital certificate for electronic signature.

According to the law, it is compulsory to identify him and to validate his identity. In order to do this, the user will go the office of the digital certificate provider which plays the role of Validator in certME.


After the identification and identity validation processes are completed, the user has the possibility to receive, free of charge, a certME digital identity, so that he would not have to repeat the identification process (including the travel time to the providers’ office) for each service provider – banking, telecom, insurance etc. Instead, he can use his trusted digital identity!


The user receives a certME identity electronic wallet (mobile application) that he can use to contract, exclusively online, the services of the other providers enrolled within the system – a new card, a phone subscription, electricity subscription etc. All the while, certME guarantees to the provider that the user’s digital identity is trusted!


The certME project was developed in certSIGN’s research incubator, a highly experienced company, both nationally and internationally, in developing information and IT systems security solutions.

Business, security, cryptography - we know the ropes

Constantin Burdun

Business & Security Advisor

  • Deputy CEO @ certSIGN
  • PhD in cryptography @ Military Technical Academy
Nicolae Ghibu

Sales & Technology Advisor

  • 30+ years of digital technology ops & deployment
  • Founder of IdeaGistBlockchain Incubator
  • President of Government Blockchain Association Bucharest
Valentin Necoară

Technology adviser

  • CTO @ certSIGN
  • BSc in Comp. Science & MSc in Infosec Management
Alexandru Lupașcu

Blockchain architect

  • Software security engineer with strong technical background in IT security and applied cryptography.
Adrian Floarea

Business & Security Advisor

  • CEO @ certSIGN
  • PhD in cryptography
Cristian Lupașcu

Blockchain architect

  • Software security engineer @ Advanced Cyber Security Tech CoEfrom Military Technical Academy
Augustin Jianu

Product Advisor

  • CEO @ Dime.ly
  • BSc in Comp. Science & Former Minister of ICT

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